Oriental Rug Cleaning Camdenton MO

We pride ourselves on the level of service and experience that we strive to give to each and everyone of our clients. Oriental rugs are true woven works of art and we take great care in washing and restoring the color and beauty of them. We can also help to deal with rug moth damage and we can help prevent the damage as well. Each and every rug that comes into our rug cleaning studio goes through a series of steps for the best clean possible. We truly do believe we provide the very best oriental rug cleaning in Camdenton. Please feel free to read below and learn about our rug cleaning process.


rug dusting

Our pre-inspection process is a two step process. While picking up the rug for cleaning, we check for any pre-existing damage and look at the structural integrity of the rug. Once the rug is back at our rug cleaning studio, we then being to the testing the rug by doing a dye-bleed test. In situations where we’re dealing with pet urine, we also test the rug using UV light to locate urine deposits within the rug. The pre-inspection process is a crucial part of the rug cleaning process to ensure your woven treasures are handled with care and are washed safely.


We consider rug dusting one of if not the most important step to a great rug cleaning. Years ago you may remember your grandmother or mother taking the rugs outside, hanging them over a clothesline, and beating the dust out of them. This was usually done after a good vacuuming. It was amazing to watch just how much dust came flying out. Fast forward to now and we have similar super charged yet safe rug dusting process. Depending on the size of the rug, our rug dusting machine can remove pounds of damage causing dust, soil, and particulate that his hidden within the rug’s foundation. Every rug we clean gets a thorough rug dusting before it is washed.


rug dusting

A beautiful clean fringe can really set off any oriental rug. Rug fringe is usually cotton fiber and like any other cotton fiber it can become discolored, yellow, or brown over time. In our pluthora of rug cleaning products we do have products that are specifically designed to clean rug fringe and tackle the discoloration, yellowing, and browning issues



The first step of the wet washing process is to pre-condition the rug. Pre-conditioning the rug allows a safe cleaning agent to begin breaking up the soiling that has bonded to the rug fiber. For rugs with pet damage, we have products specifically designed to break down the problem so that it can be completely removed from the rug.


fringe preparation

Following the pre-conditioning process there are many times we apply an additional cleaner that we agitate gently into the rug with a rotary machine. This process breaks the bond of the soiling even more to help with stubborn soiling that needs a little extra attention and work. This part of the process ensures we have done everything we can to break up the soiling so that it can be rinsed away.


rug pre-conditioning

We rinse the rug thoroughly by passing lots and lots of clean water through the rug. The rinsing removes all of our cleaning products and the broken up soiling from the rug. We continue to rinse the rug until the water runs clear ensuring your rug receive the best rug cleaning in Camdenton.


rug shampooing

After the washing process the rug is extracted and is typically hung to dry. There are some rugs that require to dry them flat on the ground. Whether we hang dry or have to flat dry your rug we make sure that the rug is dried properly.


rug rinsing

Our rug finishing process can include multiple steps. It is during this process that we double check the fringe to ensure it is clean and vibrant looking. At this point we detail and groom the fringe as well. At this point in the process is when we would apply a fabric protection or moth treatment. Visit the following link to learn more about moth treatment.


rug drying

The last step of the process is to post-inspect the rug. We truly do feel we give the best oriental rug cleaning in Camdenton and are proud of our craftsmanship and level of experience we provide our clients. Any rug that leaves our rug cleaning studio will be clean and soft. You’ll be delighted, guaranteed. During this final step we also prepare the rug for pick up or delivery.

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